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Extravagant Collection

"Laminate flooring with character"
This has been our basic principle and nothing less than a requirement during the development of this exceptional laminate flooring collection. Extravagant - in the truest sense of the word. The Extravagant laminate flooring collection combines a selection of outstanding surfaces and flooring. Traditional craft, refined nature, trendy patterns and new surfacing techniques form the core of this premium collection. The result is real laminate flooring with character. Old skills and the incorporation of these in beautiful patterns and surfaces, which are both up-to-date and timeless, shape the special character of this laminate flooring collection, a collection that deserves its name: Extravagant - laminate flooring with character.



Arctic Oak                                                                                  Exotic Oak


Graphite Oak                                                                            Grey Oak


 White Oak                                                                                 White Washed Oak