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European Oak Natural, UV oil finish


Lamett European Oak Engineered Flooring is originally from Sweden, the Lamett brand was founded in 1985 and is today a global trendsetter in wood flooring, with sales and manufacturing operations in Belgium, China, Russia, USA and WK.

Lamett is on the fastest growing flooring brands in the world, now being sold in over 50 countries and 4000 stores worldwide, gaining a strong presence in the architect and design community.  Lamett has been embraced by consumers who appreciate the latest European designs and colours, high quality European Oak sourced from sustainable forests, innovative technology and affordable pricing.

Lamett Oak is predominantly of French origin, with small quantities of German Oak used,  The oak from these areas possess excellent colour consistency, a beautiful tight grain structure and exceptional durability.  All Lamett Oak is sourced from PEFC-certified sustainable forests, where the number of trees that are grown exceeds the number felled.


Exceptionally Engineered for NZ Conditions

Lamett Oak Flooring available in New Zealand come in an engineered plank structure (also known as semi-solid). This means that the plank is made up of multiple layers of wood, with the top "wear" layer being 3mm of quality sustainable European Oak.

Engineered wood flooring, with its multiple layers is very stable compare to solid wood - meaning that the expands and contracts a lot less with humidity fluctuations, than solid wood floors do.  This 50% improvement in stability over solid wood flooring, means quality engineered wood flooring doesn't show gaps between planks like solid wood floors can, and can be used with confidence in humid or dry climates, or with underfloor heating.  By comparison, solid wood floors face an increased risk of cupping or warping in these conditions.