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Laminate flooring has long since freed itself from its natural predecessors, engineered wood and solid wood flooring – not least because of its high resilience and easy maintenance, which also makes it suitable for heavy duty demands in intensively used rooms. These days laminate flooring is experiencing a higher level of appreciation than ever and is seen as a worthy alternative to real wood floors. Laminate flooring from Parador is accorded a special role in this development. Due to our wealth of experience with wood and the latest technical expertise, we are in a position to produce authentic interpretations of high quality timber and imaginative graphic motifs and decors from reputable international designers allow is to open up fascinating new design options.

Living spaces are an expression of our individual attitude to life and of our own individual demands. Setting high standards and doing one’s utmost to improve usually implies having a special awareness for the meaning of quality. Parador offers premium products for quality living. Parador’s quality is demonstrated not only in high-quality materials and perfect finishes, but also in unique designs. With innovative products, Parador sets the threshold for creative and quality standards and prepares the ground for exclusive furnishing.

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 Fruit & Wine White

Brushedboard White 




Oak Grey Natural Matt